3 Examples of Print Products Your Business Needs

Published December 30th, 2021 by LeaderInPrint, Inc.

People spend, on average, four times longer reading printed publications than they do on a digital news site. While the importance of digital marketing is undeniable, the benefits of using print products are wide-ranging.

Consumers typically place more trust in printed marketing products, and they are an excellent way to strengthen your branding and customer awareness.

So what are some key print products that most businesses cannot do without?

Keep reading as we share three of the most valuable examples of print marketing that your business needs to invest in.

1. Banners

One of the most eye-catching custom-printed products you can choose is a banner. Banners are great because they are versatile: use them on multiple occasions, indoors and outdoors.

They are a very durable print product, and you'll certainly get your money's worth as they are reusable. 

Banners are particularly helpful for businesses that run in-person events. For example, fairs, markets, meet and greets, and more. Let your customers track you down thanks to a large, and easy to put up, banner with your business's logo and tagline.

Don't forget, banners are easy to store as they can be rolled up and put away until they are next needed.

2. Yard Signs

Next up, it's worth remembering that yard signs have their uses beyond "for sale" signs and election campaigns. They're a low-cost and high-impact way of spreading your message to their community.

By placing your yard sign on their property, your customers are telling their neighbors and passers-by that you're a reputable business that they can vouch for. They're extremely versatile, and a great way of attracting attention.

One of the biggest advantages of yard signs is repeated exposure. People are likely to see local yard signs many times over the course of weeks and months.

So whether you're a real estate agent, local politician, or any other business owner, yard signs are one of the many custom printed products you should consider.

3. Flyers

Finally, one of the most valuable printed promotional products is flyers. Whether you're handing these out in a busy thoroughfare or delivering them door-to-door, they're an excellent method for increasing the awareness of your business.

When you've got a new line of products or want to announce a new sale, flyers are one of your best options for communication.

Don't forget that product printing has come on a long way. Nowadays, it's easy to track the performance of your flyers thanks to QR codes or promotional codes, which will give you insights into how many sales your flyers are driving.

Which Print Products Would Your Business Benefit the Most From?

Now that we've taken a closer look at three great choices for print products, you can decide which will best meet your needs. It's worth remembering that a range of printed products work very well together, as your business's branding and sales points can be carried across newsletters, brochures, direct mailing, catalogs, labels, and more.

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