5 Reasons Why Print Marketing Boasts Sales and Instills Customer Loyalty

Published April 26th, 2021 by LeaderInPrint, Inc.

When you use the right combination of print marketing materials that effectively engage your customers, sales explode!

Below you will discover the five main types of print marketing and how they dramatically increase the bottom line.

With the onslaught of technology, pop-up ads, and digital content flooding your psyche, print marketing still plays an integral part in getting your message out.

Because the good old print marketing pieces that you can see, feel, and save still packs a powerful punch as an essential item in your marketing tool belt.

Digital content and print marketing go hand-in-hand, leading to skyrocketing sales, customer loyalty, and brand awareness.

Print marketing is timeless, and when you get a piece in the mail that readily has contact information, a coupon, a magnetic calendar for your refrigerator, you save it.

When successful athletics and sports teams focus on excellence, they return to the basics and perfect them. In your marketing strategies and planning sessions, it would be wise to return to the basics and aggressively incorporate the time-tested avenue of high-quality print marketing in your campaigns.

Below we're going to do a deep dive into the 5 top reasons why print media continues to rank high among other forms of marketing strategies.

Ready for some fun?

  • Brochure: As a legendary and influential print format, the brochure ranks among the top formats of connecting with your customers. They appeal to the senses of touch and sight. Have you ever gone to a trade show and walked out with a bag of brochures, magazines, and coupons? When you get a brochure in the mail from your local auto mechanic with a coupon for an oil change, do you save it? That's called "sticking power." If you produce high-quality brochures using all the latest graphic technology and layouts and create easy-to-read, content-rich, sleek and clean brochures, they become sticky. Think about it this way; your brochure goes in the bag instead of the bin.
  • Business Cards: Business cards still matter and always will. They are commonly the first person-to-person exchange of tangible information in networking. When someone hands you a business card, you immediately feel accepted and as if the other person wants to stay connected. Whether it's a new acquaintance and you're talking about playing a round of golf, to partnering in business, or buying a car or boat, the business card is the "bridge" between two people. And the aesthetics of this bridge is critical. If it's cheap, poor quality paper, poor fonts, and graphics, you have just cast an impression of yourself, your work, and your value.
  • Direct Mail Postcards: Postcards are the "sweet spot" in print marketing! They hit the customer directly with valuable information on a specific topic, point of view, or whatever message you are delivering to a targeted customer. They should be high-quality, to the point, easy to read, two-sided, concise, and have a call-to-action.
  • Catalogs: In the old days, when a favored catalog would arrive in the mail, the entire household got excited because of the anticipation that possibly something new was on the horizon. Whether it was a Macy's catalog that meant the fall clothing line was available from buying a whirlpool appliance at the "catalog price." Today, catalogs still stir up those same feelings of curiosity, savings, and value.
  • Banners, signs, and flags: All the above items work in harmony to support your brand. The logo, color scheme, and message on banners, signs, and flags should be consistent, easily recognizable, and high-quality. It is wise to consult with a marketing and branding specialist to help you develop your business's best image and message. The key—stand out!

In summary, print marketing is tactile, tangible, and, when done correctly, creates emotion. People buy on emotion. It helps you rise over the noise of technology and makes you get noticed. When done consistently, print marketing builds customer trust and loyalty; if history proves correct, it will help you increase sales, build your brand, and set you apart from the competition.

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