8 Sales Boosting Benefits of Business Postcards

Published July 5th, 2022 by LeaderInPrint, Inc.

54% of consumers say that they want to receive direct mail from the brands they like.

With customers literally asking for more direct mail, you're missing out on a major opportunity if you're not taking advantage of direct mail marketing. Especially if you're not prioritizing one of the best ways to use this kind of marketing, business postcards.

Even with so many other types of marketing, postcard marketing stands out above the rest. But adding a new form of marketing to your business can be nerve-wracking, you don't want to waste any of your precious marketing budget. 

In this post, we'll go over 8 benefits of business postcards, and why they're absolutely worth part of your budget.

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1. They're Tangible

People rarely get much physical mail these days. This makes getting a postcard from a brand you like, or even from a new brand, that much more interesting. When people receive a business postcard they're more likely to actually take a close look at it.

This is opposed to email marketing which has been growing in popularity. While it has its place in a marketing campaign, emails can easily be deleted without ever having been read. Postcards, on the other hand, are tangible, and even if some of them do get thrown out, people will still have to touch it and look at it to make that decision.

2. They're Affordable

For how effective they are, postcards are a very affordable way to market your business. The printing itself is inexpensive, and postage for postcards is usually lower than for other mail types.

Postcards also don't require any special kind of mailing materials that cost more and can slow down a campaign. 

There are even direct mail marketing companies you can use that will help you save more money, while also handling a lot of the work for you.

3. They're Great for Targeting

Postcards are great for targeting specific potential customers, especially for geo-targeting. This is when you focus on marketing to one neighborhood, zip code, or even a specific mail carrier route.

Targeting like this is especially useful for local businesses that are working to get more people through the door. It's an inexpensive way to get people's attention and let them know you're there. 

You can also target using any other market segment. You can have a different business postcard design for each specific segment you target. It may be directed at old customers who haven't bought something in a while or at customers who bought a specific product before. 

By targeting and making them relevant to a specific segment you can really increase their effectiveness.

4. They're Trackable

When you design a postcard marketing campaign, you can use a dedicated phone number or website landing page so you can measure and track the response. Every time someone calls that number, you'll know it's because of the postcard they received.

This makes these campaigns very easy to track and measure since you know exactly how many postcards you've sent out compared to how many responses you get. 

You can also assign the postcards their own specific promo code, or require the postcard to be present in the store to receive a promotion.

This is also a good way to test different offers or even products as it can show you which one gets a better response.

5. They're Easy

Most postcards are a standard size of 4"x6". This means it won't take too long for a graphic artist to design any images you need for your postcards.

Their size also makes them simpler than other direct mail marketing because you don't have to make decisions about what size to use, and there is only so much information you can fit on a postcard without overloading it. This means you can only include the most important information.

They're also quick to print, and can even be printed with prepaid postage already imprinted on them. 

6. They're Versatile

There are almost limitless postcard marketing ideas you can use. They can be used for any purpose, from announcing a new product to inviting people to a special event. 

Additionally, many postcards will include an image. This is great for marketing purposes because it is proven that images are both more eye-catching and more memorable.

You are also able to make postcards as personalized or as broad as suits your purposes.

7. They're Easily Digestible

Due to the size of postcards, you can only include so much information while still having it look good and get your message across.

Because of this, it's more likely that consumers will actually take the time to read them. When people are faced with large chunks of text they have a tendency to not bother reading what it says. The concise statements on a postcard are the perfect amount to read.

When there's less information that they have to take in, people are also more likely to remember what they've read. Therefore, there's more of a chance that they will act on the information. 

8. They're Helpful for Branding

One of the most important things for a company is to build a recognizable brand. Using postcards to help do this means you'll need to keep your branding consistent throughout all of your postcards. This means that they generally need to match your brand's colors, logo, and personality.

It doesn't matter what the actual content of each specific postcard is, you still need to find a way to present that information in a way that also represents your business's personality. 

They're also great for getting your brand to stick in people's minds because it takes several interactions to build a relationship with a customer. Many people save postcards so they could wind up interacting with it multiple times without you even needing to send more marketing.

Are You Utilizing Business Postcards Yet?

Business postcards are an often underutilized but effective marketing tool. If you're not using this kind of marketing yet, it's time to start. From their ease and affordability to their branding opportunities, don't miss out on all of their benefits.

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