5 Tips for Creating an Effective Business Event Invitation

Published September 30th, 2022 by LeaderInPrint, Inc.

Corporate events are excellent opportunities to foster growth for your business. A company party gives your staff a chance to become closer and build team cohesion. Events can also become opportunities to network with professionals outside your organization. 

However, you can't achieve any of these benefits unless people show up. That's why a business event invitation is so critical.

Corporate invites can often look stale and, ironically, uninviting. These bland invitations make people less enthusiastic about coming to your business function.

Fortunately, you can avoid this problem. Check out this guide to learn the best strategies for making corporate invites!

1. Provide All the Necessary Details

The first thing to remember about professional invitations is that the details matter. First, include the essential information:

  • Event start time
  • Event end time
  • Dress code
  • Location and address
  • Can guests bring a plus one
  • Date of the event
  • How to RSVP

Invitations that include all of this information are much likelier to get people in the door. They provide all the necessary details that people need for planning. 

However, there may be other details to include. For example, mention whether your party has a theme or if people need to bring a dish.

2. Keep Invitations Appropriate

The next step is to make your invitations appropriate for the type of event you're planning. For example, decorating your invitations with Christmas trees makes sense if you're throwing a company Christmas party. A Christmas graphic for a summer conference invitation does not make sense. 

There are other tips to consider when sending invitations. For example, consider the business's brand. Your brand and company culture can decide how formal the invitations should be. 

3. Consider Electronic Invitations

You may also consider using an electronic invitation creator. These services can help you save money and distribute more invitations. 

They can also help you design your invitations. Most electronic design services have several design templates and choices that simplify this process. 

4. Decide When to Send Event Invitations

The next step is to decide when to send your invitations. This consideration often depends on the scale of your event. 

Eventbrite says that roughly 53% of organizations start promoting their events 2-3 months beforehand. Doing so can help your organization get accurate estimates of how many people to plan for. 

5. Welcome Returning Attendees

Another consideration involves differentiating your invitations between previous attendees and newcomers. For example, recurring events could offer returning attendees discounted rates for attending this business function.

Likewise, invitations for newcomers may include more information about the event's attractions. What benefits can this event offer potential newcomers? 

Work With a Design Service for Your Business Event Invitation

These tips can help you create the best possible business event invitation. However, your business may not have the resources to create an event invite in-house. That's where we come in!

We offer top-grade printing services for clients in several spheres. We've got you covered whether you need invitations or books printed. 

We also provide several supplemental services for your business to utilize. Request an estimate today to decide whether our services fit your budget! 

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